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The road to heaven


Gate to heaven

20 years ago, I chose to walk a new path in my life, just today 20 years ago. This new way of life, in my life, which may be called the way to heaven. Svenska/swedish, click her

On the wall, in India, 15 years ago, I find writings inscribed in the 3000 year old walls, which describes this. They describe you to go, the narrow road into the unknown, and then you will find your life path.

All other roads lead to misery and despair.

So I’m there now, at the gate of life to heaven?

Absolutely not … do not even have an idea where it is or if it even exists …

20 years ago I was in a house that was not mine. I had lived in me and thought this is life. The dark basement, in the house, I have created in my head was not true. When was the true and everything was my live movie. I strangled the driver, at my train, so I could stop the train of life I was on.

I left my imagination, House / train to find the narrow road to the gates of heaven …

This trip, this road has taken me to many goals and insights. It is said that Thailand is paradise, but a heaven of port I have not seen … but I’ve only been here eight years and not directly looking everywhere …

So the narrow road is perhaps the wrong choice? Or that I am in a confused state where I think everything could be different.

I see how people are looking and looking for something to hook up life on. External values that should benefit of life revelation.

Some time later discovered that this was not the way, and so change life plan for the seventy eighth time.

My life is in constant change. Not that change is my drug. But that change creates new knowledge and new knowledge to create new experiences. Someone has said that the winner has the most experience.

Maybe I have elite athletic damaged brain, who believe that it is possible to win a life …

Maybe I’ll start looking for a place where there are “least wrong”. For it is wrong everywhere.

Would like to thank everyone who helped me along the way, to find what I am going to find in my life.

The list is long and it would not be right to name names. When I would write letters of thanks to all who made sure I got six seconds at the Olympic Stadium in Atlanta in 1996 and broke the world record in the long jump, for my injury-class.

The list got more than 150 names when I stopped. I think I would not even have money for stamps to mail them … before the advent of the Internet,  in our lives

To explain, I describe below how I think: Tyko Johansson may be a person of the crossroads. He got me to run 200 meters on the road Sammakko, in Sweden 1980.

The mosquitoes bit and I collapsed in total output and yet I decided to train for the Olympics. It took 16 years before I was in the final of the 200 meters in the Para-Olympics (1996). There, in between all these people on my list of thank you letters I have not posted. Or should I thank my father who hurt my mom so I was palsied and could qualify for the Para-Olympics … .. ???? probably I had been in the regular Olympics unless this happened

If you who read this and understand what a world record, means a person’s life … I wish I could convey this knowledge to all. There is one thing I check off on my list of experiences in my life …… I wonder how many I have left.

Feel good

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