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Gods, spirits, ghosts and demons are reality for most Thai´s, they are believed in and an important part of Thai´s every day life, generally Thaipeople are very superstitious and respect (fear) them a lot. Amulets and spells are very serious and concidered to help and protect you. Buddhism have been influenced by many other religions, and many Hinduism Gods are also believed in Thailand. If you have been in Thailand Im sure you have noticed that there are small tempels in every garden, by the roadside, and even inside houses, this is an important part of Thai culture and Buddhism. Its very important to keep the spirits happy and make merritts in form of, for example fresh fruit, rice, water, and coconut milk. You also pray and use a certain number of incense, this is very important things to follow if you want to be happy healthy and have good luck. Thai people are very superstitious, dont make jokes about this, dont put your own beliefs in their lap, its important you keep this in mind, if you want to be respected by your partner and the community. /Anders

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