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Thailands nightlife is one of a kind, in every bar you will meet nice women and young girls smiling, selling drinks, serving food, dancing or singing karaoke. I know many bargirls, I have been picked up by some, they are friendly people trying to make a living by taking care of customers. Many of theese girls are trying to find a foreigner to support them, meaning, taking care of their children, and close family. Usually this means that they want money to stay with you, short time or longtime, as girlfriend or wife, you will have to support them finacially. I meet many men in Thailand that are engaged, married och just living together as boyfriend/girlfriend a short time every year. Offcourse there are exceptions, true love exists here too, but you have to have in mind that relationships and love are two different things, I know many men that have a fantastic woman, but I also see a lot of men that are deeply in love with someone that only want their money. Many foreigners are seen as an ATM machine, sex for money are nothing strange in Thailand, even though its forbidden by law to sell sex in any form, and the authoritys claims that there are no prostitution, everyone know its accepted and existing everywhere. Selling sex is accepted by most people here, housewives, schoolgirls and men, many Thai´s see it as an extra income, an ordinary job. They dont put values or etics into what they are doing, its all about surviving, supporting their family, in an easy way and well paid. Many relationship with foreigners are based on security, not love, it doesnt mean that the affection, caring, and kindness doesnt exits, I should say that its opposite what you would think, but simply because you are paying for it. Sex in Thailand is really cheap, it costs about 50-200$ depending on what you are asking for, in an regular relationship, you are expected to pay between 1000$- 3000$ a month, there are offcourse exceptions. Im not saying that all Thai women/girls are the same, Im saying that if you are between 50-75 years old, you have to understand that its not your good looks they are attracted by, its your financial status that they love. /Anders

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