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Your life story

Your life story. Have you told your life story? Today, it’s possible to document your story so people can gain your knowledge forever. Whatever you do in life, people will follow you for your story and what you stand for. I urge everyone to do this.

This week I have posted four parts of my story on youtube.

These miniseries are the stages I’ve gone through and what I learned. Tells me how I was born with cerebral palsy. About the growth, Sport, Paralympic, world record, the move to Thailand, public speaking, Atlantic sailing, cultural differences, my artistic creation and the future what I intend to create …

Part 1. From birth to 1996 for Artist Mikael Avatar. How living with mild cerebral palsy (cp). How life begins to school, bike, judo, rock climbing, then sport and then para-olympic.

Part 2. The years between 1997-2009 for Artist Mikael Avatar. Story what happened when I stopped, with the sport. Find a new identity and learn to live in society like all other people. How art came into my life. Public speaking and until my big move in life to another continent

Part 3 Artist Mikael Avatar The move to Thailand from Sweden. I can not handle the cold anymore in Sweden so I moved to warmer latitude to get rid of cramps.

Part 4. The future of Artist Mikael Avatar.

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