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The parallel life, the neighbor has

The parallel life, the neighbor has

We all live parallel lives. Most people live a life here on earth, alike ..

We are born, grow up through some form of schooling. Starting work in any form and receive family. Retire and then die.

The written laws and regulations on this in the most countries. UN guidelines on this and other secular organizations.

It is certainly so. That is how you should live a life on earth. End of discussion….

Even lions have the same structure but without laws and regulations …. You are born as lions and begin wrestling. A kind of schooling and then you start to work with to get food, get yourself a family in the pack … will be eliminated (pension) then you die …

In addition to laws and regulations, different lions from us at one point. Leo is not cooperating with other flocks on the Rights how to live a lion’s life … or how I am to express myself.

Yes … it looks almost the same in the entire animal world. WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) and other organizations draw up guidelines on animal rights and more.

There is nothing wrong with it as you read above. There are only so …

It is said that people live civilized and not as predators, such as lions.

I just wonder sometimes. How did it all, end up as it is now.

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