Mission impossible

Every day, get up and feel hunted. Chased by fulfilling my full potential.

I do my utmost to achieve it, which pulsate deep inside my soul. So it may come out.

It bubbles and is noise. Screaming … let me out.

I hear you … Yes. I hear you. But not today. I’m just going to…


Just, get to it a little more. It’s not that I do not see you or hear you. I’ll just prepare, little more. Then I let you out. So you get the kick of happiness, just as the cows do when they are released in the spring after winter.

Spring is coming soon. Kidding myself in the brain. Spring is coming soon.

On my agenda is music, film, create art, my blog, find inspiration, … Is that all my life spinning around ..

The best is always ahead of me. Otherwise, it may be ….

Forward is the sparkling brilliant ideas that are not yet created or shaped.

The despair that has a desire to come out.

I’m fully trained … over qualified … by far. The cup has run over a long time ago. I just need to start. But not today, I hear the devil knocking into my head.

The devil does not win today either. I have learned to keep him outside. He is no longer in my body. He is banne