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Good story telling, extinction

Being able to tell stories around a campfire is not as common as 200 years ago.

The magic of fire and no street-lighting did as I believe that man created easier stories to tell.

Today everything goes much faster and a good story reaches thousands or millions of people in a few hours.

A video is the best means to get a message across or a good story.

I still write. Allows letters to come and words are formed. I’m happy to tell you good stories when the opportunity exists.

You draw the listener into a situation. Disagree a bit, so the listener wants to hear more. At the end, a twist, then everything will be fine. Then live the story further, inside the listener thoughts.

These texts I write on my blog is more like aphorisms. Not always understandable, but more to provoke thoughts and ideas.

I love to get people to think a little bit more than what is written or told.

So I will do a series of stories about different episodes of my life. I will do them in English and talk. With this text is the first ….

The series will be called: “Motivational Stories Artist Mikael Avatar”

The first is called: Stopped by the police in Spain

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