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This sounds almost too good to be true! But I asure you that this is absolutelly the truth, I would like to say that there are few countries where you can eat healthy and nutritious food with this high quality.

Many travelers to Thailand miss the chance to experience the authentic essence of this vibrant country. Often, they find themselves entangled in the tourist hubs, dining at Western-style restaurants, or places with menus catered to Western palates, where prices soar significantly higher than the local fare. In contrast, embracing the tradition of dining at a humble roadside food stand or local food service opens up a world of culinary delights and affordability


Each morning, I relish a hearty breakfast at a roadside eatery, indulging in flavorsome noodle soup adorned with chicken, pork, or prawns, seasoned in the exquisite Thai style of Tom Yum. This delightful meal costs merely 50 Baht, accompanied by a refreshing bottle of water for just 15 Baht. The same establishment graciously offers lunch, presenting an array of traditional dishes such as Phad Ka Pao, Moo Kateem, and Phad Thai Kung, all available at the same economical rate.

Choosing this authentic dining experience allows for an impressive breakfast and lunch budget of merely 100£ per month. Furthermore, local markets offer a unique opportunity to purchase these same savory dishes directly from local housewives for about 30-40 Baht per portion. While some might hesitate at the thought of patronizing local food stands or street food vendors, I can assure you of their safety and the unparalleled taste experience they offer. Embracing the local culinary scene in Thailand not only enriches your travel

experience but also supports the heart and soul of Thai culture. /Anders

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