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Absolutely, it's entirely true! My annual expenses for living reveal a surprising, almost laughable reality that might just prompt you to question your own. If these numbers are indeed factual, then anyone could consider a move to Thailand. Over the years, I've often been asked, "How can you afford to live there for eight months every year?" It's almost as if there's a chorus of disbelief, with people sighing in wishful thinking, "Oh, how I wish I could do the same." But here's a little secret: it's entirely possible for anyone.

Imagine this: I spend just $600 a year on a three-room apartment merely 200 meters from a lush, tropical beach in Thailand. Back in Sweden, the story is quite different. To simply exist, I need to work full-time; to enjoy life, even sporadically, requires me to work even more. Yet, I manage by working four months a year in Sweden and topping it up by working online a few hours at my leisure from Thailand.

Living this way has enriched my life beyond measure. I've cultivated a vibrant social circle, and my life is wonderfully social. Television? Barely touched it, watching less than 24 hours over five years. Dining out for every meal, savoring drinks as I please, dating on a whim, and frequenting the beach multiple times daily have become parts of my routine.

In Thailand, life unfolds outdoors; home is merely for rest. The contrast between my life here and in Sweden is stark. Time in Thailand feels like an abstract concept, with a laid-back rhythm where punctuality is an afterthought, and days blend seamlessly. No one frets over the day or the clock, fully aware that the sun reliably sets at 6:30 PM.

So, if you find yourself marveling at how one can live a dream life in Thailand on a budget, remember it's not just a fantasy. It's a testament to the possibility of leading a rich, fulfilling life beyond the confines of conventional expectations. All it takes is a dash of humor, a bit of planning, and the willingness to step outside the familiar. Who knows? Maybe it's time for you to consider how a change in scenery could redefine your reality too. /Anders

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