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Thaiwomen are beautiful, kind, and very caring by nature, they are brought up in this way, and they are an important part of Thailand wellknown status as the smiling country. Im now 58, I find myself in a curious phase of life, particularly when it comes to matters of personal appearance. To put it whimsically, it seems my "best before" date has long since passed—a sentiment not uncommon in Sweden, where finding companionship at my age feels nearly impossible. It's a peculiar challenge; encountering someone whose shelf life, so to speak, hasn't also expired is a rarity. And while Sweden boasts a wealth of stunning individuals, the social dynamics here starkly contrast with those in Thailand.

The Thai culture, with its rich tapestry woven from Buddhism, reverence for the monarchy, and the paramount importance of family, operates on a fundamentally different level. The familial bond holds such weight that no relationship can hope to rival it. This cultural tenet implies a deep-seated expectation: should you pursue a serious relationship, embracing and supporting her family financially becomes an unspoken duty. Given Thailand's economic backdrop, where many earn modestly by working long hours for around $300 a month, this support is not just valued but essential.

This perspective reshapes the dating landscape considerably. For many Thai women, a partner's physical appearance pales in comparison to their ability to provide security, safety, and comfort. This has led to a stark realization among many expatriates: the days of relying on one's looks are far behind us. In Thailand, the priorities are clear—with Buddhism and food taking precedence after the paramount importance of family. It's not uncommon for a first date to involve an array of dishes, a testament to the cultural emphasis on culinary enjoyment.

Navigating this world, where you're embraced for what you can provide rather than how you look, is a stark departure from what I've known. The attention and care—encompassing everything from cooking and cleaning to more intimate aspects of a relationship—can feel like a step back in time for someone from a Western background.

Though this might sound idyllic to some, there's another side to this story, one that I'll save for another time. /Anders

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