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Part 3

Get started on your own change process.

Hope you have now come a bit with the lists, which I brought up in part 2.

The lists were:

  1. The list of automatic habits that you have observed.

  2. The list of your desired permits

Below about how the lists were used

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Part 3 contains:

  1. Learn about “The One Percent” and how it initiates a change process.

  2. Christine's “One Percent” that changed an entire corporate group.

  3. Find your own “One Percent” that might initiate your chain of changes.

In fact, a small, small change can set in motion a wide range of new opportunities so that life opens, becomes more fun and more meaningful. Life becomes an adventure!

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1:1 Lifecoach, author

We shall now find the "small magic “One Percent” that finally can trigger your change processes.

What is “The One Percent” 1%?

In my own life and in my coaching of others I have noticed that it is often enough to change only 1%, so the other 99% follow automatically. Does it sound interesting?

"The One Percent " is a symbol of finding something that starts a chain reaction of change, that will take you where you want to go.
In fact, it can enough with a change of just 1% to start a lot more changes. But you need to find the right small change.

​You don't have to start with the big goal of changing 90% of your life. It can feel overwhelming and impossible and more like a blank New Year's pledge. I will tell you some examples of how this works.

To help you understand more easily, I'll tell you about my own "One Percent "

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My own "One Percent "  and how it started a chain reaction

In email number two I told that I realized that I was only reading work literature. My desired condition was that I wanted to disconnect the brain and think of something else. My " One Percent " change was not that I stopped reading books. Instead, I started reading other types of books, such as novels, and detective stories, and I even began to read in Swedish, my native language. Which I had not done for years. I got breathing space from work.

As I began to read novels and poems, the sleeping artist was awakened in me. I took a small painting course and recognized the passion I had been missing since I left the sports career, which had been my total passion for 20 years.

So I increased with a 3.5% change. I decided to paint a hundred paintings and that meant I put in six hours of painting a week. Every Sunday I painted art, as a test. Could art really be as engaging as sport? Yes, it could.

The story with Christine continues with her "One Percent ".

In Part 1 and Part 2 Christine felt an irritation at the lamp buttons. When she changed that it created a big important chain reaction. I suggested that before she became annoyed at her daughter, because she had lit all the lamps in the house, to stop for just one or three seconds. Then take a deep breath and turn off the lamps.

This little simple exercise was her "One Percent ". Three days later, when she was sitting at a large corporate management meeting with about ten countries, she observed herself and recognized the same irritation as at the lamp buttons.

She then stopped for a few seconds and took a deep breath, and only observed the entire management team. They were a little shocked because she used to have a much more active role. Now she sat silent and observant, so when she finally said something, the entire management group followed her suggestions. Just by stopping, breathing and observing, she got through a proposal that affected the entire group with 10,000's of employees.


After the meeting, she told me excitedly what a huge difference her seemingly small "One Percent " had resulted for the entire meeting. It had actually been magical.

She came to me because she had lost the meaning of life and felt that it was just routines in everyday life. The "One Percent ".started her chain of changes so after a month she couldn't stop what it had started. It ended with a 100% change. She resigned and started her own business.

You can't do the same thing and hope for another result.

I guide people to a new life.

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Easier "One Percent " which my clients tested:

In part 1, I told you about some examples of what my clients wrote that they would rather have. Here are their "One Percent ".

Those who wrote that they wanted to take themselves more seriously and start exercising. Here comes an example:

A woman had more and more difficulties to walk, even with a walker. The only way we could come up with so she could train was to start swimming. She was forced to challenge her water fears and started swimming once a week. That's what was doable. After a few months, she felt that the body wanted more.


She longed to swim. So, she increased to twice a week. She tested different times and then had to change her sleep habits, which allowed her to be at 7 AM in the swimming pool.

This gave a positive chain effect: she came across the water fear, dared to swim on her back and felt generally safe in the water, was happier every day, had more energy, and less pain in her body
Today, she cannot do without her, as she calls it "swimming meditation". Plus she got new swimming friends that she talks to in the swimming pool. She is over 70 and has a new taste for life.

Bed pepole 2.jpg

Those who felt that the days went on automatic and had lost the spark and wanted to feel a greater meaning. Here is an example:

A man had discovered that every morning he sat sighing on the edge of the bed, thinking:

"Oh no, another meaningless day." I told him to instead say out loud to himself:


- What a fantastic day full of opportunities and joy.
After about eight weeks he noticed that he had a completely different attitude to different opportunities and situations. A new hope arose in him that helped him create a completely different life with greater meaning and joy, and still continues.

Those who surfed too much in the morning and wrote that they wanted to find something that started the day in a more positive way:

A morning surfing man decided not to look at the computer or the cellphone for the first half hour. He turned off the message “pings” on the cellphone.


These changes represented a huge difference. He became calmer, had time to reflect on the day and became more focused on the job. And at home he became more present with the family at breakfast.

Those who became annoyed at their partners / close people set the goal of staying calm no matter what the partner or the other did:

A woman learned to break the pattern by breathing deeply three times, thinking and then talking. Another realized that when, her heart started to beat fast, she put a stop and walked away. She knew that she could not be constructive and only got into old patterns of quarreling.

Mikael Avatar repeatedly surprised me and opened my eyes. - Yeah? Can you think like that? An ordinary situation in everyday life became something completely different. Why am I doing this? Why did I fool myself into thinking this?


Executive business coach

Exercise: Find your own "One Percent ".

You have read some examples from people who have tested different "One Percent ".Now it's your turn to look for and trigger your magical chain reaction.
Look at the list you wrote with the desired outcomes. Choose something that you want to start with. Just start with one change, observe yourself what happens while you do it. Evaluate after about 10 days if you have got some new insights and changes. The changes do not have to be big and perfect. It is a step by step process and you need to test yourself.

Get help if it doesn't work

Book a free session with me. We can find your 1% change. Plus It might be a session that can change your life forever!

Click here and you get more information.

We meet through Zoom or Skype, in English or Swedish.

Try to do as Christine

If you don't know what to start with then I suggest you do as Christine. Next time you are in that situation, feeling, etc. just stop for one to three seconds, then take a deep breath and just observe what is happening in yourself and around you. It takes only 10 - 15 seconds.

For example, if you are considering starting to exercising and are feeling a resistance, then stay in that feeling, take a deep breath and observe what is happening in you. The resistance is usually reduced after this short stop.

The stop gives you a chance to see other opportunities and act on them. It will take a while before this becomes a new automatic good habit. But you will notice a difference. Training gives results.

If you after about 10 days, are not getting a positive chain reaction where change follows change, you need to test something else.

The tools I now have gives me the confidence to always be able to go wherever I want. I see completely different road choices. As a chess player, I see consequences of possible future decisions and think about how I should act now. I realize much earlier whether it is worth going in a certain direction or not.


Coordinator of large productions within theater and opera over the globe

Liten avrundning​

When you find the right "One Percent" lot falls into place. A positive chain reaction usually starts that cannot be stopped and it affects many parts of life. It brings you forward. It is worth looking for and investing time in both finding and testing it. You know when you have found it, but you may need to test several ways before finding the right one.

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Life coach, author, motivational speaker, artist, and musician.

Part 4:

  1. What many successful people do, which saves them years in their professional career

  2. Do you fix your teeth yourself? Do you dare to seek help if you get stuck in life?

  3. What to consider when hiring a life coach.

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