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We help
companies and individuals
become celebrities
on and off the internet

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Avatar och Jakobsson

We are a marketing company specialized in helping entrepreneurs reach out with their brand on and off the internet

It's about giving entrepreneurs new ways to market themselves. We differ from most marketing companies in that we are Life Coaches and have been for decades. We have worked with behavioral patterns of 1000s of people and help them profile themselves in the world.

This knowledge makes us unique and can easily make campaigns, brochures, videos, etc. that trigger subconsciously how the companies customers act easily.


Most companies do not have a marketing plan or specific customer niche marketing analysis. Social media plan or investigative social media Audit done. Thinking outside the box to find customers is a must in today's competitive society.

We help with all this in three different ways:

  1. We run a marketing agency that includes everything on and off the internet

  2. We do Social Media marketing course of our unique proven system, for individuals but also in the marketing department of companies

  3. We offer Laser Action Coaching where, for 3-6 months, we streamline a company's plan for the next 10 years of success

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