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Part 4

Why you and everyone else need a life coach.

How are you doing with your "One Percent"? Sometimes it is easy to find the right one and start a chain of changes. Sometimes it's harder. Are you still in the same place after several attempts with your "One Percent" change?
If so, my advice is: Don't fight too long on your own. Dare to ask for help! Otherwise, the risk is very high that in a year you will be in the same place in life where you do not want to be.

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Part 4:

  1. What many successful people do, which saves them years in their lives and professional career

  2. Do you fix your teeth yourself? Do you dare to seek help if you get stuck in life?

  3. What to consider when hiring a life coach.

Thanks to my own coaches, I have been forced to challenge myself to dare to take steps I have never managed on my own.

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A little thought exercise

Before you continue reading. Stop, breathe and feel which is your first spontaneous response?

What will wish in a year from today that you had done now?

Did you find something? Can you do something about that now? The fact that you have read my e-mails all the way to here suggests that you want to be somewhere else in a year, right? So, what can you do now to get there? Continue reading so you may be inspired to take a first step.


Everyone really needs a life coach to move forward whether they have been stuck or want to realize a dream both privately and at work.

Oprah Winfrey said she had saved at least 10 years of her professional career by having a life coach. Other examples are the well-known band Metallica who, with the help of their life coach, managed to unite in a common goal. They also came out of their chaotic lives with drugs and achieved success in music.

So why should you hire a life coach as well?

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Well you increase the chances of reaching your dreams and get rid of what's in the way of reaching them. You also get many other benefits that you may not know about now.

  • You save a lot of time and faster reach where you want to be. It is usually slower to figure things out on your own.

  • You are challenged to think beyond where you are now and get to test new opportunities.

  • You will be helped to work through roadblocks, self-sabotage patterns, make changes and reach the next level in life. Life coaching helps you keep your focus on what is important to you.

  • A life coach helps you with accountability and to do the things you promised yourself. No more excuses!

  • Your coach will encourage and empower you every step of the way.

“Without all my coaches and experts, I would never have come to the Olympics. Not a chance. Behind every successful front figure there is a whole team of competent coaches, diet advisors and other experts."

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Former world record holder from Paralympics 1996

You may actually need coaches in different areas

It has long been known that successful, and world's celebrities are hiring life coaches for their own development. But they also hire advisors, experts and mentors in other areas: financial advisors, personal physical trainers, doctors, dietitians, IT and marketing experts, stylists, etc.

Do you fix your teeth yourself? I don't ...

If you think about it, you already use different experts for different areas when you are stuck. You wouldn't think of fixing your teeth yourself.

If you think about it, you already use different experts for different areas when you are stuck. You wouldn't think of fixing your teeth yourself. Even the dentist goes to other dentists, and you probably go to a car repair shop when the car is broken, and you probably let someone else cut your hair.

But when life feels heavy and we get stuck, we usually try to fix it ourselves without expertise. We talk to our friends, siblings and parents who are usually not experts on how to achieve life changes outside the framework. They are "change amateurs" themselves.

A life coach is a specialist who expertly helps people move on in life. They have broad experience based on many clients' lives and solutions. In my 1:1 coaching I have worked with over 1000 people. I see myself as a life-changing process expert.

When not to hire a life coach or yourself

My experience is that if you have deeper trauma such as sexual abuse, that your own child has died, or PTSD, you should seek help from someone who has therapist skills and you should not deal with the difficulties yourself. You really need someone who has specialized expertise in the field and has helped many. I have some competence / education in that area, but usually refer further.

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If I, as a man, dare to seek help and meet my fears and other things I carry, then very much settles. After the fear comes the success!

Master Sergeant,

Deputy Platoon Leader, Five tours abroad

How should a life coach be?

If you dare and decide to get a life coach? How should that person be who is a good life coach, for you?
You should look for a person with a burning and at the same time humble desire to help their client and fellow human being to move on in life. This should be felt when you talk to the person.

Does the person speak and coach from both his / her own life wisdom and from experiences of many clients' lives and achieved changes? Is it a person who deserves to be your role model, who inspires and takes you beyond where you are now? You should think - Wow, I never thought of that ...
Does the person hire coaches and advisers themselves? Dare to ask about this and other things.

I have an academic education as a coach but most of the time I have learned by employing mentors and other experts who helped me further.

Results I have seen in the lives of my clients

With all my 20,000 hours as a 1:1 life coach, I can help most people. Many who seek my help have tested so much without getting the result they know deep down that they could get and deserve. They have lost hope when they contact me.

  1. After finishing life coaching with me, I notice that people are more entrenched in themselves. They can make decisions easier and faster. They postpone decision making and were distressed for several weeks but after the time with me, a well-founded decision could be made within a few hours.

  2. They live more connected to their true self, know their limits and say more clearly when someone tries to squeeze in and take control. They take responsibility for their feelings, behaviors, results, and their own development.

  3. When they have clarified themselves, they force their immediate surroundings to follow and also become clear. The whole atmosphere changes completely, without having pointed out anything to the others.

  4. They reach their goals and live the life they knew they could create.

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I have met Mikael Avatar in many roles. I have been working with him since 2005. We have had courses and companies together. Over the years I has been able to follow him as a life coach and has the deepest respect for his knowledge, ways of working and results.

I use him myself in many contexts. I would be stupid if I didn't. He manages to guide me on my collaborative relationships, manage my website and get traffic to it. I actually get all my clients thanks to his SEO skills.

Barbro Bronsberg

Bästsäljarförfattare, tappinginstructor and lifecoach

As a military, I say - you get 100% dividend. He is arguably the best coach I have ever had. He coaches me based on full truth. Dare to say what I do not want to or dare to hear with complete respect for me. I develop in my own way and take the steps at my own pace


He has served 30 years in Swedish Armed Forces

Liten avrundning​

Mikael Avatar

Livscoach, författare, motiverings föreläsare,

konstnär, musikskapare


"Please, if you have a challenging task for me, contact me because I would very much like to accept that challenge and help you."

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