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The reverse goal list

The reverse goal list

Sometimes you need to do the opposite. Write down everything you do not like in life.

Too little money, the job drains energy, the wrong color on the kitchen doors, the wallpaper should be replaced, the car is old, I should get a hobby, find a wife / husband !, take better care of me, let the family live without getting involved, do not stress so much, or whatever you want to whine about…

Seriously make a real whine list… but only if you do step 2 as well. If you do not do step 2, do not do this list.

Step 2 of this exercise is:

Write what you want instead. So if the doors in the kitchen are the wrong color, what color do you want?

So for every whine you wrote down, write how you want it instead…

Many people have a hard time writing a goal list and you can start this process by writing an opposite list. Then it is easier to write the goals on a whiny list…

This video is about: The reverse goal list

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