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The empty space in between

Everything goes in cycles and between is a void of waiting

We are waiting for the fall to come, that spring will come, or summer to come.

We are waiting for the holiday to begin or school to start. We are waiting for the salary to come. That there is a weekend. That child should be large enough.

Buying a new car or move to new place. We are waiting and waiting for so many things every day, every week, month and year.

The gap in between, we live life. In this vacuum where time seems to stand still. Do we live the life of longing for the better? When I arranged this I’ll start living for real.

Best time is always forward. Best lyrics I write and paintings I paint is always forward.

My best sports results are behind me. I realize I will not be able to beat the world record in the long jump in my life again, I had 20 years ago.

I’ve left my sports training behind me long ago.

The knowledge to create a perfect performance I have left. The knowledge to use my muscles to perform at the top level in the sporting world. Have not disappeared.

I have transformed the mindset and use it in other situations. For example, when I create music.

It’s all about focus. Focus while waiting in between. Void where you live life.

For me, it’s about training. Training to bring my fingers over the piano so in the future I can create music I want to create. Practice listening to the various instruments of the song on the radio, so I can do the same thing.

Practice moving your fingers across the canvas so I can paint the paintings I want to paint. Get ready to see art deeper, so my eyes can see so much more than they do now.

I know that when I practiced long enough. Then, only then, I do what I thought was impossible. Though I knew that it was possible …

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