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What is the best way to find people you are looking for?

  1. What is the best way to find people you are looking for?

It depends on where they are. You need to research where they are and be specific. Is it on the internet, the local park, the job, leisure meetings, events, zoom meetings or forums?

They can be found in many places. As a marketer, I search for the haunt of my customers’ customers. Many people think that Facebook is the solution, with the fact that email list is still valid and has been for a long time.

To subscribe to an e-mail sent by an authorized person you have specifically selected on the subject you want to deepen your knowledge on. Is the absolute best information you can get. Usually the person is knowledgeable on the subject and can easily guide you step by step through the process that lies ahead of you.

They often offer a cheap PDF or similar that is worth its weight in gold to you. I constantly buy PDFs and short step by step videos for anything between $ 1- $ 9 and get concrete tools for the next step for me. Even $ 97 can be worth the knowledge to invest in.

It’s a constant search and the video tells me how I do it.

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