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What is Mental training?

Lars-Erik och Mikael pratar två dgar innan

When I started seriously for Paraolympic 1988, I already had this space in my mind. For over 30 years, I have had access to a mental space to create my future reality. So how do I get there, to the mental room.

First, create a trigger that can calm down the system. Most often, the focus was on breathing. Focus on deep breath and maybe count. Close the eyes, and take in air and count the time to 4. Then blow out the air and count to 6. At the beginning you may enter air counting 2 and then 4 on exhalation.

This is like a trigger for the system to prepare for the next step. If you do not have access to Mental CD or audio recordings, I recommend that you record yourself and listen to how to guide yourself with breath. This can take 3-5 minutes before you have a rest in your body.

Then it’s time to take your mind into a mental room where you can program things for the future or just feel calm before the day.

The way the room looks is so different for person to person. Many used water flow on your way. A babbling brook, where there are different leaves with pictures of problems in life. The leaves continue only with the brook and disappear forever.

Then you will find a house and enter the door of your mental room. There is total peace in the room. This is like a movie played in your head and it’s good if you listen to someone who guides you. Or record yourself.

Few people I meet can not create pictures / movies in mind and then you have to find other solutions. But everyone can do this and it costs nothing