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What do we leave behind us?


How long will it take before the traces of our presence on the planet, vanished without a trace …

Memories of other people remain for some time … but how many generations?

There is a Chinese or Japanese, saying: You can swirl your finger in a glass of water, how many hours you want. As soon as you stop swirling, settles the water still …

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Julius Caesar, Cleopatra with more have left their mark on hundreds of years after their time, even 1000’s of years.

Our Heritage. What will be left on …

The creation of myths about all sorts of profiles known round the world. Perhaps this is what to do, if you want to leave emphatic hundreds of years …

Perhaps it is not the purpose of life on earth, leaving traces in the decades ahead ……

I think the important thing is to live by one’s own passion. It makes the heart tick faster and gets you to go be

Artist Mikael Avatar mountain peaks

As I described in the text: The road to haven 19 februari

Whoever has the most experience wins.

Yesterday, I heard the expression: Let’s walk, because I sit more than two-thirds of my life.

In the author’s school, I was told that a writer is about 90 percent, sit on the backside. Do you have 5% talent, it helps a little. But only 5% of 100%

So it is with most of what you want to achieve. A talent must be developed and passion I think is one of the components to the success of a talent at 5 percent.

I think it’s one of the things we should leave behind: A developed talent that has brought us through life …

What do you think?

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