To wake up and look back at the life …

Artist Mikael Avatar mountain peaks

In a state or condition to be satisfied, something happens, or rather nothing. You have reached a plateau. A straight line where life does not go up or down. No new challenges are on the agenda. Everything just floating on the calm pace and no concern for anything.

You can watch the waves come into the shore … How long you want.

Someone said to me once: the winner is the one who is experiencing the most things.

According to this theory is straight lines is an experience of many. So when you experienced it, it is time to look new.

Sometimes it’s just nice to have the break from life. The holiday is no such break I’m talking about. A pause so all peace in the body is found in every cell i. Whatever happens, the tranquility of the body.

It is like pouring water on a duck’s back. All situations just runs off.

My experience is that it takes practice to create such a break.

When quiet start to come … many people get ants in their legs and begins wandering about on creating new challenges.

A trend I also experienced, as a coach, is that many people do not climb all the way up to the peak of their potential.