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Thoughts beginning of November 2021

To decide which ways to go. There are so many to choose from. Doors to open up to new adventures without a clue what impact it can have on life. Cowardly, we are too cowardly to live the life we ​​really wanted. Every morning is a new dawn towards a new unknown goal. If you grab them, hidden doors you have not opened yet. Close or more leave it earlier behind to open up to the as yet undiscovered path to the enchanted land of happiness.

We climb the eternity of mountains towards the top which is obscured by grayish clouds. Sometimes the sky is blue and the top can be sensed in squinting eyes. But usually a gray everyday life with endless routine chores. Day in and day out, we climb towards a better one. When the rain falls and the mud flows, we struggle not to slip backwards. A battle for life and death right up to the last breath. What is the meaning, the meaning of all the hours we spend on this earth. We dry up the few hours of the sunny days and then go back towards striving for the top we have chosen…

Life is actually filled with magic every day. It is as if we forget the magical moments of life and stop enjoying the seconds of the moment. Life does not lie in the squinting eyes of the throne against the horizon. Life is in the moment of the moment.

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