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The checklist you need to do.

The checklist you need to do.

All aircraft in the world go through a checklist before they even roll out to the runway. Each time. They do not say: We did it last week so we fly anyway.

When you meet people, scan your checklist in the back of your mind. Is this person I’m looking for? Does this person have any of the points I wrote down what I am looking for in my life…

Actually, you should have different checklists. One for potential mentors, one for friends to spend life with, one for becoming Accountable with, one perhaps for a life partner and so on.

When you then meet these different people and the points you wrote down are correct, you always need to fine-tune. This means that you have to add features you forgot or delete because you have been too narrow in your assumptions what you are looking for. This is an ever-changing list through life.

Now that you know that checklists are important, you will change people’s lives. You become responsible for finding these people and they trust you to find them. Just like we trust the pilot to check the plane before they take off…

It takes years before you get to be the captain of a Boeing 747, with hundreds of passengers. How long does a checklist, for people to spend your life with, take to create?

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