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Rest and end date…

Rest and end date…

Rest and end dates are among the most important things needed to accomplish goals. We are programmed for many years to have end dates.

All exams and assignments to be submitted to the school have created an end date. We know after this date we can not submit a school assignment or do the school test the week after. So we are used to working towards the end date. Raw study, the days before a test is often insane.

Studies show that resting two or even more three days of rest before tests creates better results. I knew this very young. So I went to the movies, the day before school exams. Many times I actually had almost everyone right on the tests when I did so.

When it comes to life, we have often forgotten that we are trained at the end date. We stress through life and think that when I retire I will do all this.

We do not have a life cycle of our desired goals, which we have trained for many years. Setting end dates is perhaps the most important thing you need to set, when you start striving for a goal.

The video is about rest and end date…

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