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Quiet Flows the River

This week will be a cryptic lyrics and two cryptic poems. It is not meant to understand. The idea is to take in and let everything be. The poems are written in the late 90s … the text is written now 21 October 2016. Happy reading …

Quiet Flows the River

Quiet flows the river down to the infinite. Which direction should I take? It is said that only dead fish float with the river. It means I have to swim up the river if I should live. Up to the source of my life. For the origin of everything, I stand for in my life. When there are a current and rapids, is almost impossible to crack.

Then I jump like salmon, the salmon stairs, so I will not go down by the river. Jump I often enough to take me on in the stream of life …

The seagulls are always on the lookout for prey like me. Screaming his croaking roar and looks for to extinguish hunger in the calm water current.

Night and day I swim up against something I do not know. Moon warms me, not. But only creates mystery, with the shimmer of water. The sun gives me hope and warmth that time does not stand still.

I rest in a hole of sadness. Dark, black as night, but printed cuddly like a chrysalis of a butterfly undeveloped.

Beautiful, you are, only you have time to rest and break out of your cocoon.

Fly freely, without fighting, into the life sprinkling stream. Wings should I get, and then you should see all the beauty of life that can be….

Poem nr 1

The lady rocks forward, on trembling stick

Cats smarts of mice’s allure

Runny stearic, talking about combustible’s existence

Waiting pigeons brooding among the dust-filled nostrils in future ESTATE

Poem nr 2

The parable of spruce tree and tulip

a spruce tree lawn green, but not wilted, as a tulip

tulips sprout onion underground, as the bear asleep in hibernation

In the spring, the bear hibernation leaves, in hunger on the way to another wilderness.

The wind howls, on the plain, while the wolf howling in the darkness of night

In obscurity, a scarecrow standing and swaying after crows

A man takes a crow from the road to death

Without reservation coffin, flowers, go to ground

I just walk on, home to an unknown country

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