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Not to be mediocre

Not to be mediocre.

Courage not to do like everyone else. Courage to break out and become the unique person you are. Courage to be the perfect you you can ever be.

Mediocre people live a moderate life. Has the right success and the right setbacks. A suitable family with a suitable job. With a fair income and a fair standard. Risks just enough things and goes on a reasonable vacation. Life is moderate. There is nothing wrong with being moderate.

Sometimes I wish I could be moderate. Imagine how wonderful life could be if everything was just moderate.

When you are born with a CP injury, you are not allowed to be moderate. People ask but wife all the time about all the moderate questions and wonder why she chose me. All the time defending, my existence. Constantly having to justify why I am me. A constant resistance, which many other people may never experience.

I think the biggest benefit a person can have from listening to me or being coached by me is:

I’m anything but moderate.

This video is for you who want to see beyond the moderate life.

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