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Mikael Avatar reflects on life and its strange world


It is thus allowed to throw water on anyone, these days during Songkran, it was some king who decided this that during the Thai New Year it is water war.

A lot of water, so you should have your cellphone and wallet, in a plastic bag. Myself, I keep myself out of the water war. Is in my world of new exciting challenges.

I haven’t written for a long time. The last note / reflection on life is the beginning of December last year and the last real post is a video in January.

I have learned that the posts should be of value to the reader. I go and educate myself, and therefore not so active on Social media. But today I will write. Something appealing and interesting that gives you more value.

So here are 4 tips for you how a Social Media post should look. The first is that it must have a value for you. This means that if you read this, it must be of interest to you how to make good contributions to social media. Have I succeeded? Please write a comment.

Number two is how unusual is the post? Slam the brakes. My post begins with Easter and Songkran, which millions write about. But I combine with 4 tips how a social media should look. How many such posts are there in the world?

Then, it had to be unique, preferably 100% uncooperable. You who have followed me over the years know that I am writing this way. Some uncontrolled posts with thoughts about things. Not quite unique but the approach I convey is probably quite unique.

The last point is my “Achilles heel” and it is that: you should not be without this text. Irresistible. Hmmm, yes a little hard to meet I think. It should cause you to act in some form. I will entice you to, for example, like this text or share the text with your friends. An irresistible offer, or a post that you just have to act on … So, have I succeeded?

So, before you make the next post on a Social media platform, you can use this checklist. The 4 tips were: 1 give value to the reader 2 how unusual is the post 3 how copyable is the post 4, it is irresistible

The tips are not my invention but I have learned this from people who spend 100’s of millions of dollars on advertising on social media platforms … I will give more tips later and this is part of the education I go.

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