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Lock in, positive potential goals in life with target images

Lock in, positive potential goals in life with target images.

In 1990 I made a Mental 200 meter race in my mind. I was connected to ECG and other medical devices. When the tutor asked me to think I ran a 200m race. All instruments recorded as if I ran, in reality. The muscles reacted as if I ran and the waves of the brain had full activity.

The leader tells me that the time was 28.80 seconds. My best time then was over 30 seconds. So I ran faster with the thought and what I could physically do.

At the Paralympic 200m final in 1996, in Atlanta, 6 years later my final time was 28.88 seconds.

What I want to say is that you must have a picture / movie in mind first. It’s impossible to create something, if thinking is not there first. You must first create the image in mind that allows all sensors in the body to be activated. Because you then program your body, it will be natural to perform the image / film in reality. Just like my 200m race 1990 and then the performance 1996, on Paralympic.

I only have a scientifically concrete example with my 200m race. While Lars-Erik Uneståhl has done more than 1500 scientific studies that prove the mental ability, and using Mental Training, affect the system in a completely new way that gives incredible results. The studies are in many different areas.

A study in Iran is currently underway, where Lars-Erik Uneståhl was invited by Iran, which is being conducted by a doctor. A clinic in northern Iran has a phenomenon that all cancer patients die before the age of 20. This means that everyone who comes to the clinic will be subconsciously programmed to die before 20 years. Now everyone gets the opportunity to train Mental and it will be interesting to see if future patients live longer than 20 years. In the film released tomorrow, Lars-Erik tells me about this …

So no matter what area, you can program all the cells of the body to do something completely different to your current situation.

First, take a mental state of calm, as I described in the text yesterday. When you are in this state, then create positive goals. You focus on the image / movie in the mind of what you want to achieve. The more senses you mix in, the more effect. What does it smell like, how does it feel in the body and more? So when you are in this calm mindset, it becomes like all the cells in the body are there. The body can not differentiate if you are physically there or if you are there with the thought.

If you talk to someone who has phobia for spiders, for example. Only you mention the word, you see that the person stiffens in the muscles, the facial expression changes to horror and more. Though no spider is there. The body can not differentiate if you think of a thought or if there is actually a spider. Spider Phobia is very easy to program today, as I will not tell you in this series.

So clean mentally, you can program when to die whether you have cancer or not. This and other cases of age are discussed in the 42-minute interview with Lars-Erik Uneståhl tomorrow.

When I worked as a research assistant, one of Lars-Erik Uneståhl student professors, for almost 10 years. We test with the device different parameters how the body responds when you mentally ask the client to think about different things. You see the same second instantly, how the temperature changes in the skin, breathing, oxygen absorption and other measurable physical effects.

By stressing the system or making the system calm down, you’ll see how the body reacts. I have tested hundreds of people with this device. At that time very expensive.

Today, many people have some kind of resembling measurable bracelets that you can read lots of things that you can use to control your living patterns.

But in the 90’s when I worked with this there were no such bracelets. Everything was in the beginning and if I had known what I know today, I might have acted differently.

They call me the most-read non-professor. 10 and a half years of international university studies I would have to undergo to gain jurisdiction on something I already did. It was close that I started, but life took a different turn.

So when Lars-Erik Uneståhl comes to Thailand and CET (Center for excellent training) I get the opportunity to philosophize with him. Should really have recorded all our calls but tomorrow one of our meetings will be documented.

During these days before the interview release, I’ve only told a fraction of my previous background with mental training.

25-30 years ago, Mental training took a big part of my daily life. Partially professional because I was employed as a tutor on the subject and then my sports career.

Meeting with Lars-Erik is back looking for a bygone era. It’s really a privilege to get philosophized with him.

So tomorrow the first interview will be released with Lars-Erik and me. Maybe there will be more in the future …

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