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If there is, setbacks and success

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In the animal world is there success and setback. If a lion misses their prey, in cooperation with other lions. Will he/she told off? For that there is no food, or if he/she shed change he/she obtains style points ….

There is probably no one who knows. Man has created interpretive systems and from these we interpret animal behavior. I do not know if there’s research to create systems from the animal world and then interpret from them. I do not know if you who reads understand the difference …

Olympics month and soon wait for the biggest event that a person can achieve according to many, and according to me it’s 100 meters’ final in athletics.

There is something magical with 100-meter final athletics. Next day the newspapers in comparing other animals against the time. I have never seen 100 butterfly table in comparison with whales and dolphins. If anyone has it, please send it to me ….

I have been in the 100-meter final at the Paralympics Atlanta in 1996. In the semifinal it apart three hundredths between me and a friend compete for Spain. We had a person in between us and none of them got to the final but only me.

We talk very small margins to a small stone on the path, a slip had done that I did not come to the final. There are ten 100-share in a second and in the range of 3 of these were 3 people.

In our world, it is success to reach a final. I did not win and who will remember 7 spot in the Euro vision Song Contest 1996 (a music contest for European countries). It is a major achievement to reach the 100 meters’ final at the Olympics than to be world record holder in the long jump.

A former friend and I was around a lot as artists. He has held exhibition at the Venice Biennale, and I want to point out that it is more difficult to get a show at Venice Biennale, than winning the Olympic 100-meter final athletics. But the people we met, thought Para-Olympics was more interesting.

The moral will then go for 100 meters in the Olympics than to create world class art …

One of my goals is to make the two … one is reached, so then it’s art remains.

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