How to be successful on youtube

How to be successful on youtube 3 things I’ve learned so far about: How to be successful on youtube.

1. It takes time before anyone will see what you are doing 2. You have to make many videos 3. You really have to love what you do

Swedish/svenska, klickahär.

This is in mid-April 2017.

Reflexes over number 1.

It will take time before anyone will see what you do.

I have received my first two comments. This after I reboot with making videos on a regular basis.

Since March 26, 2017 I have made 11 videos. It is not much. So in one and a half months I’ve succeeded with 11 videos. An subscriber, 4 like selections, 2 comments as I said and about 270 visitors on my channel.

A famous YouTube profile said that the first 100 days put your youtube channel and it’s only after youtube sees you’re committed to making videos. So my first goal is to see what happens after 100 days. From 26 March to 2 July 2017, it is 100 days. So time can show where I am then …

Reflections on number 2

You have to make many videos.

Hmmm How many then ??? Many. According to the new youtube algorithm, do something on your channel every day. In my case, I do one to three videos a week and I understand that this is too little. So if you’re committed for the first 100 days, you should preferably make 100 videos. It means 365 videos per year. That’s what I mean with many videos. In my case, not realistic. I secure m