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How’s life?

How’s life?

A little chaotic on earth right now and I was just going to check how are you?

This epidemic / pandemic will probably continue to affect our lives for many more months, and years? !!!

This is what my life looks like right now:

I’ve been painting again for a month or so. I have been creating art all the time, but now it is only painting that counts. Finished today with new wall painting that I see when I work, see picture above… goes to an art colleague’s studio and paints, see link Elsie Evans Art Retreat , absolutely incredible painting place in Ban Phe, Thailand.

Has started a series of paintings that will become lithographs. That’s the goal… I don’t really have the finances for all the steps for my series of paintings, but I take one step at a time.

Otherwise, keep me at home. My wife’s grandson boy goes to school, even on Saturdays to catch up on school. He is only 5.5 years old and now lives with us.

The beaches are open again and are by the sea several times a week. Raining unusually much and done now for a week or so. But hot in and sometimes over 40 degrees. The real rainy season is usually in September but early this year.

What is happening in your life?

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