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Give exactly what people are asking for and nothing else

Give exactly what people are asking for and nothing else. Over the years, I have learned to give what people ask for first. As an experienced Life Coach, I see much more than what the customer / client wants to hear.

People really want from their soul to help and get people to take steps towards something better.

Many times too much is told and this blocks development. I share my interpretation so the person can make a choice. Then my grant ends, for the person and I wait, how they want to proceed. If they are not mature yet, I will let them go. This opens up opportunities for someone else to become the person who will take them further. If I go on too hard, I kill the opportunity and it can take 10-20 years before the person dares to ask for help, somewhere else…

My story should be attractive enough so the person wants to take the next step, without me influencing.

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