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Essence of life .. core

The essence of life, the core. What is it?

What it means is what everything is spinning around in your life. The essence of what your life is all about.

Many chasing unfortunately only money. Money has no value in itself, but what you do with the money that creates your platform in life.

It is said that the cash flow (number of money coming in), you create the platform you can reach up with the cash flow (can not be the name of the Nobel laureate, who stand on this).

So, you want a different platform, you must change the cash flow. If we use the car brands as examples.

To have / own a Ferrari needed a wise cash flow. But it also affects lifestyle. It is rare for ordinary wage earners go around in a Ferrari. But there are examples of this.

A three-child family would probably not prioritize a Ferrari. I believe it is impractical with prams. But would choose a more practical car for children family.

So car manufacturers build different types of cars for cash flow needs. This means that a Ferrari owners pay maybe only 1% of its cash flow on a car. While a family with children pays 10% of the cash flow.

A Ferrari owners will also not use the car as much as a family with children … Both have certainly normally a second car and the value of another car differs certainly also because of the various cash flows …

What I want to get at, is that the lifestyle you have is based on your cash flow.

But. It has nothing to do with, your quality of life. There is no equal sign between cash flow and quality of life.

You have zero money and high quality of life, or vice versa billion in cash and zero quality of life.

There are studies that the more years at university. The more money you earn and the less number of sick days have you. This is still nothing to do with the quality of life … for there are studies that show that people who have received a fatal diagnosis have a higher quality of life Lately in life …

So what is the moral of all this? Or what am I to say: Seize the time here on earth and build a good core (core) around your quality of life you think is best for you …

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