Today’s communication is how …

When you live in another continent than the one you were born in. The means of communication in a different set than in the country of birth. In a way, it becomes limited in another, it becomes more focused.

Let’s take a coffee or lunch will not be possible. So sit on a terrace and small talk about this and that is impossible. When you stay 10-12 flight hours away.

So the internet revolution makes it possible to communicate globally in a whole new way. The coffee comes in front of a computer screen.

Companies like Skype, facebook, twitter, etc. Pinit create a modern networking. Blogs fills the net with texts and more. Sensational amateur movies on YouTube and similar channels.

Look at me … Like me … Press my button and I will change your life forever …

I want to like you, because I like you or to help you generate traffic so people can like you more?

Most communication is superficial. Deeper conversations require more time and scope. Live video conference makes this possible. You see the body language and refers to the call almost like in real life, when you meet physically in the same room.

For me, it took time to get to talk live over the network so that it became relaxed. It’s like the whole language changes and there is often little chatter, but more focused dialogue.

This can be viewed as a limitation of the storytelling. Talking and telling stories has become a rarely perceived reality.

For every year that passes from the television age beginning, people gather not so much for sharing life stories. It has been handed over to other media and original story becomes an interpretation of history, from another person’s perspective.

For each 24 hour period I live there are so many stories to share. I do not have space in my life to bring down all the anecdotes that happen.