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4. How to Stay focused!

4. How to Stay focused!

There are usually hundreds of things, on the to-do list every day. Some things have been on the list of doing months maybe even years. How to catch up with everything and still get on in life? A jumble of thoughts buzzing like a bee waiting to sting you.

Staying focused is a combination of prioritization and recovery, in my opinion. Prioritize things that take me further on my path in life and then completely cold, delete things on the list to do and bring it down to a more manageable level. Maybe only around 10 things max 25. Only the things that have energy and take me to the next step, in my life. I remove everything else.

The second part is to take care of me. Recovering myself is vital. When I’m recovered, I delete things on my to do list, much easier. Plus the things I have to do are done much, much faster.

This video is about: How to stay focused.

Tomorrow comes 3th place on this list. “Top 10 most common problems that people want to be fixed in life”.

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