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Fastest way to earn online through the effective and proven method: 5 clients in 5 days with 5 steps to your total freedom!

5-5-5 METHOD

A proven method that automatically, and without prior knowledge or advanced technical solutions, gives you a never-ending stream of customers and allows you to work on what you do best! This method is everything you've been looking for and then some, it gives you completely new opportunities to do what you do best, anywhere, anytime.

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-Determine the influx of NEW clients!

The method is simple and effective, it is based on a system that lots of people all over the world use on a daily basis, and which is a must for online success.

Scale up your business!

You've probably heard the expression before, if not, you're in luck, because most of the online consultants who promise gold and green forests, don't teach the method, they do the work for you, charge you well, and then make you dependent on their services. This is the difference between us and them, we teach our own proven method that sets you apart from others by telling you exactly how it's done.



  1. We know that each individual has a higher purpose and that most people we meet have not yet realized it.

  2. We know the importance of helping people get wings so they can fly themselves.

  3. We know we know that video is the key to the future because the images we create and believe in are manifested in reality.

  4. We also know that a happy person is a successful person regardless of financial and material assets.

  5. We know that with the right focus, ANYTHING is possible until we've done the impossible.

  6. We believe that our similarities and differences are a springboard to happiness and success in our lives.

  7. We know passionate people change the world because they are passionate about doing what they love.​

-It has taken us 5000 hours to succeed online in 5 days!


We have spent the last 7 years learning the latest in online marketing from the best in the field. It has been an incredibly exciting journey to share the expertise of the internet's leading experts. People who are leaders in their field and role models in online marketing.

-You will succeed online in 35 hours!

This is the fastest way to take part in what gives you a boost in your business. We guide you in terms of technology and make sure you have what you need and hand it over to you when you are ready to take care of it on your own. You don't need a website or special skills to be successful online. We've spent a lot of money and even more time, and made a lot of mistakes along the way, to come up with what really brings you online success in the easiest and most effective way.

AI is here, but is it helping you?

Probably not if you don't know the basics of internet marketing. In addition, many people confuse marketing and selling. In larger companies, this is different departments and it is even a completely different professional skill. So even if you used AI like that you need to know the basics. We figure it all out so AI becomes your new friend.

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Sounds like a simple question to answer, but it's not quite that simple, many people have difficulty defining what they do. The vast majority answer Coaching, Healer, Consultations, etc.

When you think about it, what problem do you solve for your customers? You are selling a solution to something and that is the one to be packaged and sold. Example: I offer unlimited 15 minute sessions for 1 year ahead, for you to be successful online and earn more.


Coaching hour by hour is not profitable and extremely time-consuming, it can be much better to offer something completely different, this is where we map out your needs and what your customers want.


This is important to know, your target group can be specified, there are statistics and various parameters that allow you to direct your marketing to those who are looking for you.


There are many different ways to do it, a lot of simple tools that make it easier, and sometimes common sense is enough. Sometimes you have to sit down and think about whether the product/service can be redefined.

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Snabbaste vägen att få klienter var kunder 50%.png


This page is aimed at the target group you want to buy your product/service, a website without a domain, with offers they can't resist, so you don't even need your own website to succeed online.


This is one of the keys to online success, a unique story with emotional elements that connect you and the service you are selling, i.e. a precise description of what you are doing to solve their problem.

This is a lot about experience, a landing page must be built according to a certain structure and we will give you a concrete template that you can follow step by step, and of course we will help you make the foundation.


Now you can see if your service attracts the target group as it was intended, now you can test and see if something needs to be changed so that it becomes like a piece of sugar for the flies.


About 20% of the time you need to spend on advertising and later you can buy that service and become even more efficient. It takes time to learn where, how and when to advertise, the different platforms have different advertising models, here we help you understand how their specific structure works.


Other time, 80% it takes to do the other steps, m.a.o. Find out what you are selling, how it is packaged, who you are selling to, where the customers are and last but not least, adapt the landing page to this target group.

A marketing expert cannot help with what you sell or write your texts, initially, you are the expert, it is your own touch that is important. When it's ready, a marketing expert can help you if you need to, to make the texts and presentations more alive. We have extensive experience in both writing and selling, and here you don't have to worry that you won't reach your target group.

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This coaching method means that you are coached by two of the world's best Life Coaches at the same time. 2-2-1 is the absolute most effective coaching for you who want to find the giant within you.

Anders and Mikael have a combined 100 years of experience as life coaches with clients from all over the world. Their unique 2-2-1 sessions produce results faster than any other coaching method. If you want to fulfill your dreams, Anders and Michael will make you do it! 2-2-1 sessions cost $4500 per year and include 24 45-minute 2-2-1 sessions, unlimited support and an individually tailored program.

Book 2-2-1 exclusive Coaching! Shortly!
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Fastest way to success on the internet

5 days that make you your own internet celebrity

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5 online webinars of 6 hours each time

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