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Everything I do is because I believe that all people make a difference in the world.

Can I, can you…

I want to help you get started with the solution to one of the

10 Alarming most common life problems

Do you want a free consultation ?

No Obligation for further consultation, this is completely free….

During the call you will receive:

3 revelations that make you want to grow


5 concrete tips that are often hidden from yourself and no one dares tell you…

2 must you should grab NOW


3 traps that stop most people from moving on in their lives

How you can easily find the starting point to regularly make breakthroughs in your life…

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A jump start in your life

The unknown rule that changes everything

The secret to succeeding as successful does not reveal

How you can discover for yourself when you are heading in the wrong direction



It feels like everything just goes around and no matter what I do, I come back to the same place. Time just passes and I can not figure out how to solve my situation.

I have lost hope and energy to test yet another new idea / solution on my reality.

I feel lonely and it's like my worldview / thoughts never reach the people I talk to.

I struggle every day and succeed in certain things, but it feels like everything takes forever.

I love my life and all the people around me but I never have time for myself. My wishes are always in 2nd place

Sometimes I just wish someone had time to just listen to me.

When I almost arrive myself, I sabotage everything so everything falls apart.

If I'm going to do anything, it has to be perfectionist perfect.

I notice that I live a monotonous life, but do not know how to get out of it.

I have been to yoga and discussion groups but still do not feel whole.

It feels like an empty lump in my stomach and it never disappears no matter how happy I am.


I wish I was more of a wolf in my life and made more risky decisions.

I notice how I adapt to other people and my true self never comes out.


It feels like I'm living a fake life and no one really knows who I am.

I have talked to many but no one seems to really understand my problem and I can not really even describe what I need help with. Just wish someone understood.


Case study

Stina 53 years old book a zoom meeting and did not really know what she wanted. She just felt something was wrong.


During the conversation it emerged that for a long time she just gave her whole soul to other people and put herself aside.


The more she got to talk the more came up and she understood that she had many points, as the picture shows. A few months later with the tools she received during the meeting, she took the step and booked my long coaching.


Three months into the program change his whole life. Leave the job and take the child and move to another country. Stata a retreat for recovery for people to figure out the next step in their lives.


first call gives a big picture, but still concrete tools you can use directly.
​If you have any of the above points in the picture and have a desire to solve it, Mikael Avatar's 1: 1 exclusive coaching may be for you.

He works hands on with people intensively for a few months and gives results such as getting a better perception of life and this solves many of the above statements.

You have no Bond for further consultation, this is completely free….

Book a zoom with Mikael Avatar

My former colleague in Sweden:

Barbro Bronsberg tells about me.



Executive business coach

- Mikael Avatar repeatedly surprised me and opened my eyes. - Yeah? Can you think like that? An ordinary situation in everyday life became something completely different. Why am I doing this? Why did I fool myself into thinking this?




Teacher Primary School

When I started my coaching with Mikael Avatar, I thought a bit that he is CP injured. But that picture sat for a maximum of 30 minutes. I let him out of my preconceived notions. He is a vibrant, creative and magical person to meet and collaborate with, and he is a super system buster.



Entrepreneur with a passion

-    It was harder than I thought to change from what life is like now to in detail describe how I want it to be. To my sadness and surprise, I realized that the roadblocks were in my mind. And to my delight, I realize that I was the one that could change things.

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